September 1, 2008
Colbie and Kites

We were packed on Wednesday and planning to drive up to Long Beach early Thursday morning. But Wednesday night, about 9:30, the phone rang. Could we be on Seal Beach in Los Angeles, Monday morning at 6 a.m. to put kites into a music video??

Packed to Fly

Packed to Fly

So I went on to Washington and Susie stayed home an extra day to organize last minute air tickets, hotels, and a car. Then she pulled the extra gear and brought it to Long Beach.

And that’s why I was out in the parking lot Sunday morning sorting and packing six bags for the airport.

That fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle doesn’t seem so glamorous at five in the morning. But we were up and on the beach before sunrise Monday, hovering around the catering truck and waiting for instructions.

The video had been composed by the German artist Schiller and featured pop performer Colbie Caillat.

Sunrise on the Beach

Video Taping

Jay and Janis Sabic, Lyle Walter, and Susie and I watched various scenes unfold until 11:30 when suddenly we were told to put kites in the background.

We scrambled a few medium pieces into the sky, the tape rolled, and then a few minutes later, everyone went to lunch. I took the opportunity to launch an octopus on the beach – which turned just about every head.

The preview worked and immediately after the meal, we were asked to launch five Octos, tight together and close to the ground. Colbie stepped onto a platform and sang as the tentacles waved around her.

Video Taping Video Taping Video Taping
Video Taping

And I stood close by in case something suddenly snagged a piece of equipment or a performer.

Later in the day, the filming shifted to the Seal Beach Pier. We launched 50 foot Crowns and a few other larger pieces as background.

And then, with the sun setting, a call came in asking for a giant Manta Ray to be flown from the end of the Pier. I checked the wind, which seemed strong enough and in the right direction. “We can do it”, I said. "But if the wind drops and the kite falls into the surf, tell the producer he has bought a big wet kite…. “

And yes, we did walk the Manta out onto a pier crowded with people and equipment. And we also walked it back and landed safely on the beach.

End of the Day

Filming wrapped just after eight. We’d been working 14 hours and headed for a hot shower and comfortable bed. The following day, Susie and I flew home.

We have a quiet weekend in Oregon planned and then I fly out to Dieppe, France. Check back next week for more news!

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