September 21, 2008
Quick Trip to San Francisco: Family Day Kite Festival

Susie and I flew to San Francisco Friday for the Family Kite Day on Marina Green. It is a growing event in a majestic setting. You get to fly kites on a grassy field right at the edge of San Francisco Bay. Classic city mansions line the street and owners come out on their verandas to breakfast watching the kites. Traffic eases by taking in the show, the yachts cruise past and out to sail, and the view of the nearby Golden Gate is breathtaking.

Mega Meanie

As promised we unveiled something new.

The Mega Meanie came out of the bag for the first time and flew with joy and gusto. We’re having him made in New Zealand by the Peter Lynn Folks so he designed for the rough and tumble of Bay Area Winds. And he pulls like a truck! But everyone around was smiling like a Meanie themselves! "Look Daddy!" yelled one kid. " A monster with sunglasses!!"

And yes, you can have one too if you like!

Winds bounced back and fourth across the large kite field and got stronger as the day progressed. It was a “red day”. Red Octopus, red Devil, and Red Gecko. We couldn’t have managed them without the help of several friends on the field.

Red Kites Red Kites Red Kites

Further down the Marina field, kids made their own kites, sport kite demos were flown, and other single liners were lofted. Up at our end, we couldn't hear the music or see much. But we’re confident they could see us!

With events struggling and fading around the country, it’s good to see high-profile festivals like this one working to get started. And there are very few events in major metropolitan venues with the ability to bring kiting to large audiences.

This was my second trip to Family Day. Susan had not flown on Marina Green since the West Coast Sport Kite Championships held there in the 80’s. I think she enjoyed the night in a Marina Mansion and lunch at the St Francis Yacht Club....

Help Packing Up

Monster with Sunglasses

Big thanks to Ron and Barbara Young for organizing and hosting an event in an ideal, high visibility location. The Family Fun Kite Day has huge potential!!

The event continues today. But we flew back to Portland at midnight and are off to the AKA convention on a 7:50 a.m. flight. That gives me just enough time to write you an Update in the hotel bathroom while Susie finishes a short sleep. (Don’t even think about it!!)

Alarm will go off in ten minutes – at 5 am. See you on the next kite field!!

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