September 28, 2008
AKA Meeting Summary

The financial details from the Executive Director appears to report that for the first ten months of the year, AKA spending was $15,000 over income. It was also reported that the convention would likely lose $4000 since the break even target was 350 and attendance was 310.

To balance the 2009 general budget, a $5 dues increase was approved.

Gary was re-elected by a substantial margin but was not prepared with a list of nominees for the Director-at-Large positions. He apologized and asked for a recess to finalize the list.

Gary then presented a list of nominees for officer positions. Concern was expressed about the Treasurer nominee's qualifications for this important position given the financial state of the Association, the nominees lack of financial background, the fact that she had never served on our Board, and lack of experience with the Association budget or procedures. The slate of nominees was voted down 29 yes and 54 no.

I suggested Jon Burkhardt with his many years of Board service serve as Treasurer. A new slate was presented with Jon as Treasurer and Richard Dermer as VP. Sherri Pigeon was nominated as Secretary. The motion was approved.

During the discussion period, Kevin Shannon stood and asked Gary to step down. He respectfully declined. Discussion continued. Some suggested the debate was "political". Others responded that it was "a question of competence". Corey Jensen then stood and asked Gary to resign a second time. Again he declined. (I've never seen such a request presented at an AKA meeting before.)

The meeting adjourned after three hours and discussion continued in the bar...

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