October 13, 2008
Lincoln City -- The D River Takes a Turn

D River

The D River in Lincoln City is officially listed as the shortest in the world. But when tides and storms build up sand on the beach, the river takes a hard turn right though the kite festival flying space.

Conditions in June for the World Record Octopus Fly were perfect. The River ran straight out to the surf. But for the Fall Kite Festival, the space was a little constricted.

Still, the skies were blue and Saturday the winds were fair, and there was plenty of kite flying and fun to be had.

The Lincoln City festival theme this year is Oodles of Octopus. So we popped up three on Saturday. Phil and Barbara Burke flew one, I flew two, and Rod and Cindy Thrall launched a giant Bear.

I got my start in serious kiting here in Lincoln City nearly thirty years ago.

The festivals have gone though a number of changes, being organized by the local shop, the Chamber of Commerce, n independent committee, and now the City. For several years, I managed the events, but now I’m just another flier on the beach.

D River

Bol Racing is a regular feature at Lincoln City. Our set of 10 foot baskets has been getting a work-out lately. They were used in Niagara last week and are going to South Africa next week. We ran heats all weekend in Oregon – including trials by the women’s basketball team from Warner Pacific College.

Bol Racing

Over on the demo field, Gary MacEachern, Al Washington, Amy and Connor Doran, and Team IQuad kept the crowd entertained with light wind performances.

Rumor Control -- Canadian Falls – American Falls – Sparling Falls: Al suffered some complications from his accident and has been in the hospital for the past week. He was operated on Sunday. (See notes on the accident last week.) We’re all hoping he can go home soon and start getting back to normal.

You can email him a get well note at Alan@GombergKites.com.

Kites Kites Kites

Ronda Brewer, Lindsey Johnson, Jerimy Colbert, and Ken Tumminia took care of most of the organizing details under the direction of Maggie Conrad of the LC Visitors Bureau. Next year’s theme is “Pactific Wonderland” and starts with the indoor festival in march

Jaws: You can almost begin to hear the music in the back of your head as he fills with wind and starts to rise on your line. This is a serious piece on line laundry!

Choose the blue and white, or gray and white colors. The best feature is the mouth with a black outline for effect, and very cool red mesh to let the air in. Each kite also has a deflation zipper in the tail.

We make a 10 foot model for $150 or the 20 foot “Super” Jaws for $400.

Jaws Jaws Jaws

Jaws is brand new! Order one before Halloween and we'll take 20% off the price.

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