October 18, 2008
This Kite Needs a Name Contest!

No Name Delta

Back in July, Dave and Nadia Sampson of Hi Fly South Africa gave us a sample of the unique delta they were flying. We plan to offer it in the 2009 catalog, but need to find it a name.

Send us a suggestion, and if we choose your’s, we’ll send you the first kite from the factory.

I thought about calling it the “Clark Kent Delta”. It doesn’t look like a super flier, but out-performs any of the other Deltas in our bag.

The “No-Name Delta” will fly well in light or strong winds, develops uncommon lift for a delta, and in breezes over 5 mph will lock-in almost directly overhead.

It is a larger Delta, 7 feet wide and 5 tall with an almost symmetrical lower-aspect-ratio shape.

No Name Delta No Name Delta No Name Delta

Distinguishing features include an abbreviated “pocket” keel with a string bridle. The keel will slightly inflate to keep the kite from overflying.

No Name Delta

We’re using 40D ripstop for the sail, carbon tube framing, molded fitting, and a simple spreader reinforcement.

The center spine is secured by a Velcro tab so that you can slide it out to create a smaller storage/shipping size. And the Velcro will also hold a tail.

No Name Delta

A kite this good deserves a worthy title. And you folks are as creative as anyone in the kite community. So drop me a note and win yourself a ????? Delta. Contest ends on Election Day!

We’re on the road again this week. Between now and October 28, we’ll be performing in South Africa as part of the Cape Town International Kite Festival.

GKPI offices will be closed. We’ll be checking emails, as always, and returning phone calls too. But we won’t be shipping until we get back.

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