November 6, 2008
Perfect End to the Season in Cape Fear

Festival View

It was a perfect ending to a long flying season.

Sunday, the wind came smooth and straight down Wrightsville Beach. It was a balmy 70 degree November day. And kite bags emptied out and filled the skies!

Mike and Judy Agner had decided they wanted to host a “big kite show”. That’s not “big” as in a huge event. Mike flies show kites and encouraged other larger kite fliers to join him in Wilmington.

Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites Big Kites

The result was more than 20 big ones in the sky and a lot of smiles on the ground.

Check out this great news vido of the event.

The lesson of the Cape Fear Kite Festival is that you don’t need a big budget, serious schedule, adverting or sponsors to make something great happen. With kites in the air, spectators were drawn to the site. They wandered in and around the anchors with minimal problems of safety and security. It was the best kite show we’ve seen on the Eastern Shore all year.

Cape Fear Kites Cape Fear Kites Cape Fear Kites

Sunday night, the fliers retired to the Agner’s home for fresh seafood, fine wine, and great company.

The Cape fear Kites festival is something special. Bring your own show to North Carolina next year and be a part of the fun on the beach!

Duck Face
Duck Face

Happy Face
Happy Face

Cool Guy
Cool Guy

Have you tried a Softie yet?

On a Softie, there is nothing to assemble and nothing to break. Just pull it out of the bag, stretch out the bridle lines, and pop it into the air. Then stand back and watch these whimsical kites attract smiles.

Perfect for spontaneous kiting, a Softie folds down to just six square inches. Keep one in your car, your back-pack, picnic basket, or your drawer at work. They measure about 25 square feet and work without sticks or a tail. Easy to fly for kids and gown-ups kids too!

Softies normally go for $49 - including line and winder. But order one between now and Thanksgiving, and we'll take 20% off. Just remember to say you saw it on the Weekly Update!

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