November 10, 2008
This Kite Needs a Name Contest - Finalists!

No Name Delta

Three weeks ago, we introduced a new Delta design and invited Update readers to help name it. We promised a kite to whomever sent us the name we used.

The results were a bit scary. Hundreds of entries streamed in.

Some were direct (Straight Up or Strato Delta), some were esoteric (Oracle Delta or Rufus), and some relied on African themes (Buku or uTixo Delta) or Africaans phrasing (Jislaaik or BoBaas Delta).

Many referred to the designers, Dave and Nadia Sampson (Alto Sampson or Nadia Delta). Some were flattering (Suzie Delta) and some were just plain fun (The Whiz or Bogey Delta).

In the end, Susie and I tried to narrow choices to names potential buyers could pronounce and remember. We wanted something that reflected performance, was whimsical or fun, and we also liked the idea of referencing the South African roots of the kite. Of course, no one name was perfect.

Our finalists were: Zenith Delta, Dossing Delta (which means “take life easy”), South African Clipper, Skylark Delta, and Safari Delta.

You can help us make the final selection. We’ve organized a short poll of the finalists. Cast a vote!!

No Name Delta

Early Tuesday, we checked results and discovered over 1200 votes for one of our finalists. That was curious since only 500 people had logged into the update so far. So we re-set the results and started over.

Results of the polling are, of course, not binding. If you have already voted, please vote again … once… And remember, it is supposed to be fun!


Here is a complete list of all the submissions. We really appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Diamond Delta
The Dart
Delta Ray
The Buzz
The Whiz
Anga - Swahili for Sky, Air and the Heavens
Dave's Delta!
Pufferbelly Delta
Elite Delta
NovaV Tail Delta
Hi Fly Delta
The Flexstable
The Gomberg
The Crucial Delta
Sampson Delta
Sampson Aloft
Vertical 5
Sampson's Flight
HiBooP Delta
Rugby Union
Blue Angel Delta
Aeolus - from the Greek god of the wind
Buku - A sky god in some African countries
Wele: The High One - sky god to the Bantu.
uTixo - A Hottentot sky god.
Yu-Huang-Ti - A high level sky god
BoBaas - The Big Boss
The Flying Dutchman
L.A.R. (Low Aspect Ratio) Delta
Alpha Delta
Aerius Delta
Altius Delta
Nimbus Delta
Stratus Delta
Strato Delta
Aeron Delta
Aurora Delta
Apex Delta
Dossing Delta - Take Life Easy...
Straight Up Delta
Plumb Line
Sampson BooP

High Flight
The Zenith Delta
Eagle Ray
Suzie Delta
Diamond in the Sky Delta
Hoopoe Delta
Wind Avenger
Mega Dart
Gusset Delta
Alpha Delta
The Skylark
Red Devil
Devil Delta
Red Devil Delta
Delta Red
Delta Dancer
Delta Force
Delta Force Red
Delta Wing
Delta Devil
Cape Town Devil
Cape Town Delta
Red Delta
Red Sampson
Rouge Rouge
Red Rouge
Cardinal Rule
Ruby Tuesday
PK Delta
Puffy Keel Delta
Diamond Delta
What A Delta
Sky High Delta
Sampson's Delta
Diamond Delta
Table Mountain Delta
Cats Eye Delta
Pocketed Keel Delta
Kangaroo Delta
Performance Delta
Pro Comp Delta

Sampson Hi Flier
Sampson HiFly
Straight Up Delta
The DANASA delta
The South African Clipper
Angelfish Delta
Seagull Delta
Delta Force
The Springbok
Jonathan Livingston
The Red Baron
The Sleeper
Scarlet O'Hara Delta
The African Safari Delta
The Sampson Delta Flyer
Noname Delta
Mighty 7 footer
Red Hot
Red Blaze
Red Fever
Red Bird
Red Wing
Red Ace
Delta Force Red
Red Passion
Fire Devil
Red Alert
Red October
Red Light
Red Dawn
Safari Delta
Sky Rider
Red Cloud
Oracle Delta
Big Bear
Hi Fly South Africa Delta
Sampson Delta
South Africa Delta
Eagle Delta
Hawk Delta
Hi Fly Delta

We expect the new …. What’s-Its Name Delta right around holiday time. We’re making them in red, purple, and gold. Send us an order now if you'd like one for the first to arrive.

And if you were kind enough to send in a name, we’ll take 25% off the $75 price of one for you.


Jaws II...

We have a couple a 20 foot “Jaws” on the shelf in blue or gray. Grab one while supplies last and we’ll take a 20% bite out of the $400 price.

These are headed for the Factory but we decided to give Update readers first shot at them.

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