Sky Streamer
November 16, 2008
New -- Sky Streamers

Those of you who made it to Cape Fear saw something new on the beach. We’re calling them Sky Streamers. These are HUGE sheets of fabric – about five feet wide at the base and 100 feet tall. Anchor one end to the ground and the other to a sizable lifter. The result is a shimmering wall of color.

In this particular example, we used two Streamers under a Sutton 125.

The leading edge of each Streamer is reinforced so you can use it in place of a flying line.

Sky Streamer Sky Streamer Sky Streamer

We’re making Sky Streamers in solid colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or black. The sell for $200 each – which is roughly $2 a foot!

We can have streamers here in time for the holidays. Order before the end of November and we’ll take 20% off the list price.


Jaws II...

We have a couple a 20 foot “Jaws” on the shelf in blue or gray. Grab one while supplies last and we’ll take a 20% bite out of the $400 price.

These are headed for the Factory but we decided to give Update readers first shot at them.

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