November 5
Thanksgiving Sale!

Thanksgiving is coming and we want to give you something to be thankful for. So this week we are taking $100 off the price of every big SkyFoil Lifter we have in stock. Here's what we've got.

Striped SkyFoil Wedge SkyFoil Herringbone SkyFoil Standard SkyFoil Diagonal Wedge SkyFoil

The exclusive Gomberg SkyFoil is a powerful working kite that looks good, flies well, and won't give your spouse price fits. We now have five different designs available for immediate delivery. Order special colors and we'll still give you 10% off through the end of November.

This is our 85 square foot "Lifter". It measures an impressive 11.5 by 7 feet and sells for betwenn $450 and $525. It looks great with long tube tails like our Space Socks or Snake Tails. And your Lifter will carry a variety of our larger Parachutes, Pillow Socks or Watermelons.

Here is another deal that will help keep your mind off Aunt Edith's sweet potatoes.

We are overstocked on our 7.5 foot Spikey Bouncers so we'll take $100 off them too. These puppies normally retail for $299. Like all our other ground bouncers, they do not fly. Instead you anchor them on a ten foot tether line and leave them down where people can get a good, close look. The basic design is a solid red color with black spikes. The opening is black and white striped.

Spikey Bouncers

Keep checking back with us! We don't have any travel scheduled for November so Susie has plenty of time to find stuff in the warehouse that she wants me to mark down and sell before we do year-end inventory.

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