December 8, 2008
New Stuff from Peter Lynn Ltd.

We’ve just received word of three new kites from Peter Lynn Ltd. These are the full sized “maxis”, manufactured in New Zealand. And all three are available for custom production and delivery in early Spring.



Don’t let the photos deceive you. This is a big bulky piece of color in the sky.

The Goldfish was designed for easy launching, stable flight (without drogues) and simple take-down. Choose the warm or cool color combinations, or design one of your own!

Large (50 feet long): $4000 (made by PL Ltd)
Medium (25 feet long): $1800 (made by PL Ltd)


Here’s a menacing new addition to the Peter Lynn repertoire.

PL Shark
The new PL Shark is big, and the funnel shaped mouth will devour anything that gets close.

He is designed to fly easily with no drogue.

Stock colors are gray, but of course, we can make one in any color you like.

Large (50 feet long): $4000 (made by PL Ltd)
Medium (25 feet long): $1800 (made by PL Ltd)

PL Shark


Start with a large head - with realistic flared hood and life like movement - and then add a 150 foot diamond pattern tail. What you get is an enormous snake!
PL Snake

This one is complete with a forked-tongue and huge fangs. And the patchwork body is stunning!

Use a Pilot for stability and watch this longest PL kite fill the sky. The tail swings back and forth

Large (150 feet long): $4000 (made by PL Ltd)
Medium (75 feet long): $1800 (made by PL Ltd)


This inflatable is a radical departure from other more familiar PL Designs. It was designed by Simon Chisnall.
PL Sun/Moon

The artistic orb showcases the sun/moon graphic and each of the independent rays undulates in the wind. Stability is assured with a large “comet” style drogue. Click to see the drogue.

The Sun/Moon will be available next season in a small 6.5 foot and a middle sized 14.5 foot size.

Medium (14.5 feet diameter): $1800 (made by PL Ltd)
Small (4.5 feet diameter): $450 (made by PL Ltd)

Cuttle Fish

Mini Cuttle Fish

A box is on the way to Oregon from New Zealand. And stuffed in the bottom are two Mini Cuttle Fish. We’ve got one in red and one in gold. Who wants ‘em??

These are just like the bigger model except they are solid colors with black accents. I won’t know the actual size until I unpack them, but we’re guessing about 20 feet.

Own one of the first in the States for $400!

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