December 23, 2008
Cold and Dead...


Well, it has been an interesting week here on the Oregon Coast.

A record-setting “Arctic Blast” washed over us dumping snow, ice, and cold rain. Highways and local roads were closed, the airport shut down, and for 12 hours on Sunday we had no phone, no internet, and no cell service.

It is chilly but clear here now. But five miles inland, the roads are still closed. That means no Fed Ex and No UPS and unfortunately, some late holiday gifts. We did our best!

With some time to tinker, we’ve outlined one more addition to our Softie Series. You’ve seen DuckFace, Cool Guy, and Happy Face. We’re now working on Dead Guy.

But which image works best? You be the judge.

Pick your favorite and let’s see the results. And since there is no prize, please only vote once! We expect to see delivery before April.


We hope all of you are warm, safe, and are having lots of Holly, Jolly and other words ending in -olly, if there are any.... Please have a wonderful holiday.

Big Tubes

Tube Tail Sale!

There is a rumor going round that 50 people are making big new Bulldog Parafoils. But what good is a kite that pulls like a truck, if you don’t have something to pull?

GKPI offer a huge assortment of big tubes in custom color combinations. And if you sat down to price them out, you’d discover that our prices are less than you probably pay for just the fabric!

So whether you are making a Bulldog or not, order two 100 foot Tube Tails at the normal price, and we’ll give you the third free. This offer is good through January 10.

And if you are making a Bulldog, don’t forget you’ll also need heavy line and a good anchor. And please – check out our information pages on flight safety, anchors, and tuning. Have fun!!!

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