December 30, 2008
New Year Weight Loss

I came across an odd statistic earlier today. Kite flying, I'm told, burns 210 calories per hour.

Exercising -- 210 calories....

Who calculates these things?? And what do they know about kiting anyway?

I mean, is an hour maneuvering a Rev the same as holding down a 252? Is a seven foot Ghost as demanding as a eleven footer?

Do you burn more calories when kids are on the field?? Because I sure sweat more!

Just for fun, I went and looked up calorie counts for other activities.

  • Gardening - 432
  • Horse Riding - 584
  • Playing Frisbee - 288
  • Housework - 318
  • Golf - 336
  • Watching TV - 90
  • Driving a Car - 180
  • Swimming - 544
  • Sky Diving - 318
  • Dancing - 436
  • Playing with Children - 272
  • Sex - 140
Successful Aerobic Workout!.

I still don't get it. Sitting on a horse takes more effort than swimming? Falling through the sky suspended from a parachute takes the same energy as vacuuming and cleaning windows? An hour of sex? What is that - 10 minutes of exercise after 50 minutes of begging??

Anyway, if the holidays have stretched your waistband, tell your partner you need some exercise equipment and pick up some new kites! And remember, 90 minutes of kiting is the same as 60 minutes of house cleaning...

Have a happy, safe, and memorable New Year!

Angel School

Reef Fish Sale!

Susie and her mom just returned from their annual "Mother/Daughter" vacation. This year they visited Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.

I'm celebrating her return with a sale of reef fish from Robert VanWeers of New Zealand. Check out the French Angel, Idol, Butterfly, or Clown. Buy any between now and January 15, and we'll take off 20%.

Like the display Robert had in Dieppe? Check out our YouTube library and hear him explaining how to assemble these cool schools he is flying.

In the coming weeks, we'll post other mini-interviews of designers and artists from around the world.

VanWeers Video

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