January 10, 2009
OKR and Martin Lester

Before heading out to the Kite Trade Convention Saturday, I took a quick drive up to the annual Oregon Kitemakers Retreat.

The gathering in Rockaway is about an hour from home. But the drive must have taken some people longer than others. It has been raining like stink all week and the run-off contains plenty of melted snow. Flood waters are just beginning to recede.

Oregon Kite Retreat

Merchants were out in Tillamook shoveling mud from their parking lots and the fields around the highway were stil filled with water. Interstate 5 was closed in Washington State and that meant the early turnout at OKR was light.

Oregon Kite Retreat Oregon Kite Retreat Oregon Kite Retreat

Classes this year included Gerry Pennell, Barry Crites, and Cari King. Locals Deb Cooley and Jerimy Colbert were on the schedule. And the headliners were Linda Larkey and Martin Lester. See www.kitemakersretreat.com for more details.

I pulled Martin aside for a few ideas about future designs. Click here to see his contribution to our mini-series of kite personalities on YouTube.

According to local news sources, the highway is opening later today and the Washington contingent should still get plenty of sewing done over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Susie and I are off to Florida for the annual industry gathering. Check back next week for news on what we saw, what we heard, and who got what annual awards.


Lester Originals!

Always good to see Martin Lester. And he left a few bags with me before he went back to his workshop project.

We’ve got a 40 foot “Mid-Size Spirit. Normal price is about $2800, but the exchange rate with England is good right now. The kite prices out to $2285 and we’ll knock that down to $2000 even.

We also have a 30 foot set of Legs on the Factory for $2000. And surprisingly, we also have Divers and small Spirits in stock for $350 each. So give us a shout and put a Lester Show together!!

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