January 24, 2009
Packing for the Future

Kite flying is environmentally friendly, family oriented, and fun.

I've been saying that reporters for years. But the point really came home to me during the recent Kite Trade Convention.


Plastic, Plastic, Plastic

You see, most kite manufacturers put products for the mass market into heavy plastic or vinyl packages. They look nice, display well, fit cleanly and compactly onto store racks, show the product clearly, and even sparkle a bit under florescent lights.

And five minutes after they are opened, all that plastic and paper goes (hopefully) into the trash.

Or it ends up blowing down the beach, park, or street.

The use of five plastic bags adds two pounds of CO2 to your personal carbon footprint.

I just read that Wal-Mart expects to reduce overall packaging by five percent this year and save 667,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Well, we arenít Wal-Mart. But we are trying to do our part.

GKPI kites come in re-usable fabric bags with identifying hang tags to tell you what is inside. Zero package waste! Most of our tails are also fabric bagged.

G-Kites G-Kites G-Kites G-Kites

There are plenty of reasons why the other guys sell more kites. And one of those reasons is that their packaging works better for stores. But we are committed to eco-friendly retail packaging. The ripstop bags cost us a bit more, but we think the consumer - you guys - are happier with them in the long run. Permanent packaging serves a dual purpose. We are protecting your kites and the environment at the same time.

Here are just a few of the other things that we are doing at the GKPI offices:

  • We've eliminated printed retail catalogs and instead post or email digital files.
  • We re-use shipping boxes and packing materials.
  • We use only recycled paper - and we print on BOTH sides.
  • We email invoices instead of posting them.
  • We voluntarily pay "Blue Sky" rates to the local power company for cleaner energy.
  • We Reduce, Recycle, and Re-Use - and encourage others to do so as well.

We are not extreme. But we are trying to responsible.

We encourage you to try some of these ideas in your own offices and homes. Everything we do to protect the environment now means that future generations will be able to enjoy it as well.

G Kites Sale

We'll be on Susie's Birthday Trip until the 30th. The Birthday Trip means the Birthday Sale!!

This is one of our biggest and broadest sales of the year. Just go to GKites.com. Place your orders and on check-out, write "Happy Birthday Susie!" in the comment section.

We'll take 20% off whatever you purchase. And orders over $80 qualify for free shipping too!

This offer is only good until midnight on the 29th and applies to anything listed on the GKites site.

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