November 13
AKA Photos

Remember back in October we invited people to send us photos from the AKA Convention?

We got tons of pictures of all kinds of great stuff -- the auction, the competition, the workshops, the mass ascensions, and even those great lunches! But most of all, we got pictures of people having fun!!

Here are a few of my favorites from Phil Broder, Jim Martin, and Dan Brinnehl.

 Foil Mass Ascention  Foil Mass Ascention  Foil Mass Ascention

What a show! Each afternoon, a "mass ascension was scheduled featuring a different kind of kite. Here are some shots of the day we flew foils, flowforms, and other soft kites. There were easily 200 of them in the warm skies of Treasure Island

Fly Market Fly Market

Susie and I decided to return the the Fly Market this year. This is the one place AKA actually allows selling. We were certainly kept busy promoting our kites, laundry and banners. And this on top of all the other things we had scheduled! Fortunately, Al Sparling stepped in to help and worked the booth with us every day. Check out the cool Codys, our 16 foot Windfeather Banners, and painted ripstop roks from Martin Blais.

Aerial Photography  Aerial Photography  Aerial Photography

Dan Brinnehl called and asked for a 60 foot Flowform just before Convention and we rushed to get it for him. He said he wanted to try some aerial photography. Wow! Look at the results!! The first photo of Lee Sedgewick and his Revolution stack is near perfect. Good job Dan!!

People's Choice People's Choice People's Choice

The People's Choice and Kitemaking competitions showcase the most interesting shapes, detailed appliqué, and whimsical creations. In the former, everyone votes for their favorite kite; in the latter, a panel of judges evaluates every aspect of the pieces using detailed rules and technical criteria. This year, Bobby Stanfield (left) was the big winner.

Octo & Revs Arches Big Sky

AKA remains the biggest and best gathering of kites and friends on the North American Continent. It isn't always perfect, but it is *always* worth attending. Next year we head for the Big Sky over Billings Montana. Start planning now for early October.


60 sq ft Hagaman

Don't forget we still have an original 60 square foot Doug Hagaman parafoil in a distinctive red, white and blue motif with stars. This is a practical kite, as well as a collectible piece. The price is $1000 -- well below the original market value.

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