February 9, 2009
The Show Kite Forum

We’re pleased to announce the opening of the Show Kite Forum!

The Show Kite Forum was designed as a place to share information and experience about kiting with a special focus on larger single-line kites and the people that fly them. As you might imagine, we deal primarily with products manufactured and distributed by Gomberg Kite Productions (GKPI). But we’re happy to consider news, knowledge, or questions about anything of interest to the kite community.

Show Kites
Show Kites

As many of you know, there are already forums online for kite-making, sport kites, and the AKA. We have no desire to undermine, replace, or detract from them. Instead, what we want to do is provide a place dedicated to single-line flying.

Bring your queries, your suggestions, and when necessary, your complaints.

Our forum is moderated and contains postings from a great bunch of kiters. Everyone is friendly, willing to share, and always eager to learn more.... so come join us.

You can bookmark the Forum at www.GombergKites.com/Forum

If you have not yet registered, please do! Registration is free and only takes a few seconds. Just click on "register" and fill out the form. Activation is instant so you can post right away.

Please note that we’ve taken the unusual step of asking participants to use their real name in their screen name, member profile, or signature. We trust that will make it easier to actually find folks at the next festival.

Show Kites
Show Kites

Core members of the GKPI community are also veteran travelers to kite festivals around North America and the world. If you are curious about events, how to get there, and what to expect when you arrive, we may be able to help you.

If you have registered and cannot see all the forums, then you are not logged on. Click on the "Log-In" button at the top of your screen.

Thanks for joining us! I look forward to seeing your future posts!

Cuttle Fish

Mini Cuttle Fish

A box is on the way to Oregon from New Zealand. And stuffed in the bottom are three Mini Cuttle Fish. You can have one for $400.

We’ve got one in red, one in aqua, and one in gold.
Who wants ‘em??

These are just like the bigger model except they are solid colors with black accents. We'll get more eventually. But for now, this is all there is! So call or email soon!

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