February 14, 2009
Tips and Tricks: The Tire Technique

A few years back, I was flying at a festival in New Zealand. Another kiter had attached several large piece to the bumper-hitch of a small truck. When the wind came up, the back end lifted, the brakes disengaged, and the truck rolled over a child.

Fortunately, the kid was smaller than the space between the tuck and the ground. He escaped slightly bruised. But the rest of us were pretty traumatized. Lesson learned.

Lots of Kites

Vehicles make great portable anchors. But they have their limitations. And most donít have convenient bumper hitches. But something they do all have are tires.

When I first showed the tire technique to friends, they were skeptical. How could a strap wrapped under a tire hold anything of substance??

But when I used tires to hold a four-Octopus-load during the record setting Ocean Shores flight, I think people took notice.

The key is to place the strap behind the tire where it meets the ground. The load is then being carried by the entire weight of the vehicle. In most cases, the strap doesnít even begin to slide under the rubber and is easily removed when you finish flying.

The engine end of the car works best.

Donít place the strap higher up and engage the axel or any metal hardware.
Tire Technique
Tire Technique
Tire Technique

Weíve used the tire technique on soft sand, hard pack, grass, and pavement. And each time it has worked fine.

We share it with you here now as one more tool for flying well where and when you want.

Monday Iím off to the grand festival of Pasir Gudang in Malaysia. For members of the GKPI team will be on the field there. So watch for news! Meanwhile Susie is keeping the office open and keeping orders flowing.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine Day!

Michael Alvares of Western Australia is great with kids. Thank goodness someone is!

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