March 9, 2009
Wau! -- the Stunning
Kites of Malaysia

The kites of Malaysia are as intricate and detailed as any I’ve seen on my travels.

Zilker Poster

During my recent visit to Pasir Gudang, we watched kites being made on the field and visited a fine museum which was aptly located in an old windmill.

Malay Kitemaking Malay Kitemaking Malay Kitemaking Malay Kitemaking

Kite-making requires tremendous skill and patience which is traditionally passed down from father to son. First, they split bamboo to make the frame of the kite. Then they cover the frame with a shiny glazed paper. Intricate floral cutouts and designs are then delicately pasted on this background, layering the kite with color and reflective foil. Finally a bright paper tassels and a bow-shaped hummer is attached. The hummer provides a pleasant, high-pitched buzz when the kite is flown.

Malay Kites Malay Kites Malay Kites Malay Kites

There are several traditional styles of Malaysian kites including the Wau Kuching (cat kite), Wau Merak (peacock), Wau Jala Budi (leaf kite) and the popular Wau Bulan (moon kite) with a crescent-shaped tailpiece.

Show Kites Show Kites Show Kites

Some theorize that when in flight, the hummer will form sounds of wau, wau, wau in a rhythmic pattern. But it has also been suggested that the wing shape of its wing is similar to an Arabic letter pronounced "wow".

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