November 21
Year-End Blow-Out Sale!

Call your friends! Tell your loved ones! Choose your colors and give us a call at 541-996-3083 (west coast). GKPI is having a year-end blow-out sale!

Anything that is still on the shelf on January 1 gets taxed. We'd rather put in on your shelf so everything we make that is in stock is marked down 20% until the end of the year.

Here are a few examples of big pieces that you can be flying for New Years.

Rainbow Parachute
The Striped Parachute is a big 17 feet in diameter. The standard price is $550 but for our special sale, they are marked at just $440. We also have a few of our striped and sawtooth ten foot parachutes in stock.

Streamer Tails
Our set of six Streamer Flags are 75 feet long. They are a great addition under any lifter and a fine value at just $199. But now they are a GREAT value when marked down to just $160.

The Giant Watermelon is four feet wide and 50 feet long. It normally sells for $250 but is discounted now to just $200.

Snake Tails
We have blue, red, and purple Snake Tails in the 100 foot length. The normal price is $199 but they are now marked down to $160. Ask about colors in stock on our 65 footers too.

We have a ton of our ten foot rotating Baskets in a variety of colors. They are normally $220 but are on sale for $176. Ask about availability of our six footers too.

We now offer the Three Legged Drogue in a ten foot size perfect for stabilizing larger lifters. The normal price is $75 but through the end of the year, your cost is $60. And don't forget we also have six and three foot drogues in stock.

We're discounting three of our 16 foot Windfeather Banners which normally sell for $150. The sale price is $120.

Check out all our banners or ask us about custom designs.

Buy a Giant Crown and save $200. We are discounting them from $899 to $699.

The exclusive Gomberg SkyFoil is a powerful working kite that looks good, flies well, and won't give your spouse price fits. We now have five different designs available for immediate delivery. We are taking $100 off every big SkyFoil Lifter we have in stock. Order special colors and we'll still give you 10% off through the end of December.

Striped SkyFoil Wedge SkyFoil Herringbone SkyFoil Standard SkyFoil Diagonal Wedge SkyFoil

This is our 85 square foot "Lifter". It measures an impressive 11.5 by 7 feet and sells for between $450 and $525. It looks great with long tube tails like our Space Socks or Snake Tails. And your Lifter will carry a variety of our larger Parachutes, Pillow Socks or Watermelons.

Remember -- everything manufactured by GKPI that we have in stock is on sale. We have plenty of elephants, tube tails, beach balls, drogues, Spikey Tubes, and Pillows on hand too.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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