December 27
The Check from Aunt Agness ...

Hanukkah is winding down and Christmas is over except for the diet and taking down the tree. But odds are that Aunt Agness sent you a check instead of a present so GKPI has some ideas to share with you.

Gomberg Banners
Ever thought about making your own custom banner??

GKPI represents Windfeather Banners in Florida. You have seen the way they "tweaked" our round logo into a classy 16 foot feather. We can do the same for you!

Send us your artwork and let us prepare a rough rendering and a price quote. The cost won't be more than the comparable commercial designs we show in our Windfeather Pages and the result will be uniquely yours.

Besides, Aunt Agness will be so proud....

Here is a second idea. Do you have a piece of line laundry in the back of your head that you always wanted but never go around to making?? Maybe we can make it for you. We do custom colors or combinations of our standard designs. And if you have something new, we may even make you some for free if you let us test selling them to other folks. We are always looking for new laundry designs.

Susie and I are planning a quiet New Year. After the kite show we did in London last year, we need a quiet celebration.

Our next show is the Kite Trade Association in Prim Nevada (near Las Vegas) starting January 15. Two weeks after that is Kites on Ice in Wisconsin. Have a warm and wonderful New year, everyone, and come see us on a field near you when the sun comes back!

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