January 9
Pink and Perky

When do we start having fun?? When pigs fly!!

Here is the newest addition to the GKPI flying family. Our perky pink Pig Sock is about two-and-a-half feet tall. Check out his friendly smile! Your cost is $30 each or three for $75. We also offer the Big Pig -- a full seven feet tall -- for $189. And if you are looking for major pork, our Giant Pig may be just the thing. He is a full 13 feet tall for only $600. For loyal readers of the Update, we will take an extra 15% off through the end of January.

Go fly a pig!

Perky Pink Pig Socks

Two weeks ago, I told you the story of my visit to Hong Kong and their First International Kite Festival.

One highlight of the trip was being asked by the leading local newspaper to launch a giant Squid from the top of a downtown parking garage.

Roof Top Flying
Roof Top Flying
Roof Top Flying
Photos courtesey of Linda V.

These media guys always want something special. Either it is a radio interview at 6 am, or a TV shoot at dawn when there is never any wind, or they want your kites over on the other side of the field where the sun is better but the wind non-existent! And the same is true anywhere you go in the world!

But of course, my sponsor was there and he had paid for the trip, so I was determined to do my best for him. The fun started when I brought "one of my kites" back from the storage room. I had wisely asked if the reporter would help carry it across the street. "What's the big deal", he probably thought. "Its only a kite..."

We unfurled the thing between lamp posts and parking meters. I think the person most surprised was the poor fellow who had come up to the roof to wash his Toyota. Everyone else at least had a hint of what was going on but he was caught completely by surprise. And we never explained either! You can see the pooling water in the two lower photos.

So the kite inflated and went up. We took pictures, pulled it in and packed it away again. And meanwhile traffic whirred below. I never heard screeching tires so I have to presume they see things like this all the time in Hong Kong.

Pay my way to your festival and I'll do crazy things for you too!

Oh, and yes, that is a giant bowling pin on the top of the building. Why?? Heck if I know! Seeing strange things on the top of parking garages never surprises me any more...

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