January 11
Cody Kite Shipment

I know this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but this Update is ahead of schedule!

We leave Sunday for KTAI and I wanted to give readers early warning on a shipment of Codys that just came in.

The extended wing War kite with a top sail is the premier kite of its genre. As the name suggests, the sails are longer and the added third "deck" provides more stability as well as an opportunity to use a contrasting sail color.

I have a dozen of the 8 foot wide Cody 35s. Save us the trouble of taking them to the show! The normal cost of these stunning kites is $475. But if you call right now, we'll sell them for $400. Here is what we have in stock.

  • Black with Red topsail
  • Yellow with Black topsail
  • Red with Black Topsail
  • Purple with Black Topsail
  • Blue with Black Topsail

Extend Wing War Kite

Extend Wing War Kite

Now here is something even better! We have three of the big Cody 50. This model is nearly 12 feet wide. It is a monster kite and normally sells for $800. I'm knocking a hundred dollars off and selling them for $700.

  • Red/White/Blue
  • Red with Black Topsail
  • Purple with Black Topsail

And finally, we have a single Saul's Barrage Kite . It has an eight foot wingspan and comes in red and black. The normal price is $450 but this week it is $350.

These prices are only good until Sunday night!

And hey!! Since this is next week's Update, don't forget to read this week's edition with details on the new pig and more pictures from Hong Kong.

Sauls Barrage Kite

Used Trilobite

News Flash! We have a customer who is ready to part with a full size, Giant Trilobite . The normal price on these monsters is $4200. But this one can be yours for a thousand dollars less.

Used Peter Lynn kites seldom come on the market. This one has sustained some damage but was expertly repaired by Gary Engvall. The owner reports that the stitching is hardly visible.

If you are looking for a big one at a discounted price, give me a shout.

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