January 29
Our Newest Products

Great News! GKPI has been exclusively licensed to produce the most successful Peter Lynn designs in the miniature sizes. Here is the prototype of the 23 foot Octopus.

Mini Octopus

Later this spring we expect to have the Trilobite, Ray and Teddy Bear all in the $400 to $500 price range. That's a big improvement for the "Bite" that now goes for $700. It also means that wholesale prices will be available to your local store.

And like all Gomberg products, the turn-around time will be about three weeks rather then two months from new Zealand.

All products are designed by Peter Lynn and licensed for manufacture to Gomberg Kite Productions International Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of Peter Lynn Single Line Inflatables.

GKPI Banner

Here is the other big news. Our improved Ringmaster™ banner poles were the big hit at the KTAI show last week and are sure to become the standard for kite banners in the next few months as they get shipped out to retail stores.

The 16.5 foot tall Ringmaster™ telescopic fiberglass pole is ideal for displaying everything from Windfeather Banners to windsocks and streamers.

This is not a fishing pole with a "sensitive" (ie. flimsy) tip that will break off in the wind or puncture your banner . The Ringmaster™ was specifically designed for display and banner applications.

Check out these special features:

  • 16.5 foot overall length in convenient 42 inch telescopic sections
  • welded metal ball at the tip that won't poke through your banner
  • a convenient drilled hole for attaching streamers or windsocks
  • a reinforced end section to minimize breakage.
  • steel reinforcements at the top of each segment to prevent splitting and swelling. Swelling is the main cause of pole collapse.
  • a brass anchor clip set closer to the base so banners display on entire pole and closer to the ground.
  • a solid fiberglass groundstake that is lighter in weight but won't damage the pole like metal or rebar stakes
  • a galvanized ground base to allow the pole to rotate in the wind and minimize "pole wrap".

GKPI is the exclusive distributor of Ringmaster™ poles to the kite community.

  • Banner pole and anchor stake -- $35.00
  • Banner pole only (no stake) -- $29.99
  • Solid Fiberglass stake with galvanized base -- $9.00
  • 10% discount or orders of 6 units.

The next stop is Madison Wisconsin for the incredible Kites on Ice event. We'll be flying, announcing, selling AKA raffle tickets, coordinating school groups, auctioneering, and generally doing whatever we can to stay warm. Hope to se some of you there!

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