February 13
Discounts on Suttons and Peter Lynns!

This is crazy. We already offer the lowest prices on big Suttons in the industry. But still -- everyone needs a big flowform for Spring, and with National Kite Month right around the corner, we decided to drop prices even further.

Rainbow Sutton Flowform

These are the classic "big" flowforms from Air Affairs. Big, easy to handle, and major sky-impact. You've seen them at festivals all around the USA. Now you can own one. Hundreds of square feet of fun!

Flowforms are stable and remarkably gentle for their size. Remember to add your own drogue or spinsock.

We handle five sizes of flowforms. Color choices are available --

  • The "30" is 5 x 6 feet and sells for $200 now $175
  • The "60" is 6.5 x 9 feet and sells for $325 now $290
  • The "125" is 10 x 13 feet and sells for $550 now $500
  • The "252" is 14 x 18 feet and sells for $850 now $800
  • The "450" is 18 x 24 feet and sells for $1600 now $1500
Prices are good through February 20.

Rainbow Sutton Flowform

So with Valentine's Day right around the corner, what could be a better give for a loved one than a mid-sized Peter Lynn Ray or Trilobite?? I'm not talking about you giving one away. Get your loved one to buy it for you!!

We don't often sell used Peter Lynn kites. But our friend Jack Rogers is retiring some of his equipment and that includes a mid-sized Manta Ray in excellent condition.

This monster is 16 x 48 feet and normally sells for $1750. But you can have it for $500 less -- just $1250.

If you are looking for a big one at a discounted price, give me a shout.

PL Ray

PL Trilobite

I also have a mid-sized Trilobite in stock -- brand new and never flown.

This is probably the most stable of Peter's kites and offers a wide wind range. The long bucket tails allow maximum flexibility for wind conditions and provide a major impact in the sky about 50 feet long overall.

The normal price is $1750, but if your Valentine is interested, they can get it for $1500. Come to think of it, you can even buy it for yourself...

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