February 20
A Few February Surprises
We're expanding the number of single line kites we offer. Here are some great deals we brought home from the Trade Show. And don't forget to read all the way to the bottom. There is something special down there for you line laundry aficionados.

Pink Floyd -- the Flamingo:

Pink Floyd is an attention-getter - extraordinare. He is designed by well known kitemaster Joel Scholz and has a 3-D inflatable body, dangling legs, and a wingspan that stretches nearly 12 feet.

Here's the incredible news! When Joel was making these kites himself, the price was $400. But now he has licensed Floyd for production and the price has dropped to just $100.

Pink Floyd -- the Flamingo

It also features a fully adjustable tow point, a graphite and fiberglass frame, and reinforced stress points. The flamingo can be tuned for specific winds, and flies easily in breezes from 7 - 20+ mph. The sail is three quarter ounce ripstop with polyester screening for air vents. It glides in for landings so smoothly, if we could spring load it's legs, you'd take it for real. Order one now -- just $100.

Cody Extreme:

You are familiar with the whimsical kites of Samuel Franklin Cody who used them at the turn of the last century for man-lifting, and military observation. Here is a big seven foot model in a straight-forward economical design. Fortunately it comes in a great color combination -- red, black and white. It isn't as fancy as our German imports but at $120, you can't complain.

Cody Extreme

16 Foot Feather Banners: Prices will be going up in March on our Windfeather Banners. But meanwhile we have a few in stock that we'd be happy to have you take to a field and wave around for us.

Here's the deal -- buy one of these and we'll take 20% off the listed price. And don't forget that each banner comes complete with a pole, anchor stake, streamers and a fabric bag.

RWB Eagle Blue Heron Stars and Stripes Kites Sale Brown Eagle

Ok -- here's the special deal we have for anyone in need of more line laundry.

As you know, we use carabiners to attach socks, spinners, and tubes to our flying line. It works really well, but these suckers normally cost $4 each (or $4.50 if you buy them somewhere else).

Get out your calculators folks and figure out the savings. Between now and March 15, if you buy $50 worth of laundry, you can get the mini-biners from us for just $2.00!!!

Attaching Line Laundry

We need to limit the offer to ten pieces - unless you buy a LOT of laundry. But on ten pieces the savings is $25 bucks -- so it's the same as getting the laundry at half price -- sorta.

PL Trilobite

Didn't your Valentine love you enough to get you that Trilobite?? We'll, you're in luck. No one else bought it either!

This puppy is brand new and never flown. It is probably the most stable of Peter's kites and offers a wide wind range. The long bucket tails allow maximum flexibility for wind conditions and provide a major impact in the sky about 50 feet long overall.

The normal price is $1750, but we have it priced now at $1500.

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