February 28
Whole Lotta Shakin Going On!!

Susie was in the shower when it hit earlier today. The house started to quiver and there was a low rumble. It reminded me of the sensation the washer makes when a rug is off-center in the spin cycle.

Turns out the earthquake center was more than a hundred miles north of us and landed with a big 7.0 thud on the Richter Scale. Thanks for your calls and emails, but we are all fine. The worst I have to report is that Susie dropped the shampoo.

Packages are arriving from the factory like clockwork these days and we have lots of custom pieces coming in for you. Last week, we did up a big Watermelon in purple and white with black trim and now we are working up a white Spikey Ball Tube with purple spikes to match a particular kite. Use your imagination!

Custom Banners

One item we are specializing in now is custom windfeathers. Stores across the country will soon be flaunting individualized designs that we have drawn up for them. Check out some of the newest designs custom crafted by the folks at Get in the Wind.

Send us rough drawings, a business card, or your logo and let us prepare a rough rendering and a price quote. The cost won't be more than the comparable commercial designs we show in our Windfeather Pages and the result will be uniquely yours.

Remember that each Banner includes the pole, ground stake, streamers, and a cloth bag.

Susie and I are off on Friday for Austin Texas and the 73rd Zilker Park Kite Festival. The week after that, we head up to the Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat on the northwest tip of Washington State. Two weeks after that is the Smithsionian in D>C and then off to France for Berck sur Mer. Spring Kite Travel madness has begun....

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