April 9
Berck Back-to-Back

I'm calling this Update "Berck Back-to-Back".

The festival covers two full weekends with lots of casual flying in-between. And as you might imagine, the second weekend looked a lot like the first except that there were more kiters, more kites, more spectators, and we had consumed a lot more French wine by the end of it....

Festival Poster
Festival Crowd

As I explained last week, this is my ninth annual visit to Berck sur Mer. The weather pounded us during the week with wind and rain. Amazingly, Saturday was clear. It was very, very windy, but it was clear. And then Sunday turned into a perfect flying day with enormous crowds.

Here are a few photos of things that caught my eye during a wonderful week.

Zimmerman Stars Zimmerman Lobsters Schweiman Fishes Schweiman Fishes
Gecko Stacks Tweetie Bird 5 Kite Quadline Dragon Air Force
Air Force Streamer Flags UFO

Disaster Preview

From the people who brought you the Great Trilobite Diaster, here is the story you have been waiting for.

Check back early next week when we reveal all the heart-wrenching details and gory photos. That's right folks! Peter Lynn was there and we have -- the Great Mega Ray Disaster.

Sentinals Sentinals Big Bols
Lester legs Spikey Balls Italian Flowers
Madonnas 252 and Snake Tail

Wednesday was Kid's Day. And until you have seen Kid's Day in Berck, you have never really seen a Kid's Day. There were so many thousands of excited little French people, that even the French dogs stayed out of the way. Click here to see just how scary it was.

Kid's Day!!

Berk is a social event as well as a major kite exhibition. A large tent is provided on the field for kiters and we gather there for lunch and to keep the bartenders busy at the end of a long flying day. Click here to get a sense of the Saturday lunch environment. We dine in town each evening with meal vouchers and snack the sunny afternoons away on the field. Here is a shot of Pete Dolphin lounging in "Jabba" (the Hut) with his quiche. "It seems like we can never lose any weight on these trips..."

Lunch in the Tent Jabba and Pete Full Sky

At five a.m. on Monday, we stumble downstairs to look for the bus that will take us back to the airport. Once again, the wind is howling and the rain flying in sideways. A full moon has brought the waves in close and we can hear the surf pounding the edge of what was once a full flying field.

It is good to leave an event in the rain. That way you aren't tempted to stay on another day...

We pile our gear onboard and look for a quiet place to savor memories along the three hour drive. Some of us pass the time devising a strategy to avoid extra baggage charges on the flight home.

Next up on the Gomberg 2001 World Tour - Miami Florida, then Galveston Texas, and then Weymouth in England at the end of April. See you out there somewhere!

Pyro Deltas

We brought a stack of Ghost or Pyro Deltas home with us. These are the shimmering big kites made by Frank Schwiemann. They measure 11 feet wide and have 33 foot flowing tails.

Pyros are some of our most popular imports. We've got red, yellow, and a very cool black one in stock now. We also have a bunch of white ones on the way. They sell for $400. Give us a call if you *need* one...

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