April 26
I'm Staying in Miami...

Dear Susie,

I hope you don't mind, but I have decided to stay on for a few extra days down here in South Beach, Miami.

Now before you get upset, I want you to forget all that nonsense you have heard about this being the sexiest party-destination in the country. The report that half of the women on the beach are topless is almost entirely an exaggeration. And no, they are not all stunningly beautiful! Honest!

Sure, some of the bars and clubs party all night. But our hotel thoughtfully provided everyone with earplugs. The food is amazing, but with just a few exceptions, I'm sticking to my diet. We are hardly going out drinking at night at all.

And like I said, the report that half of the women on the beach are topless is almost entirely an exaggeration.

I know you are stuck in the office, working extra hours in my absence, answering phones, receiving shipments, and sending out orders. But please don't think I'm not focused 100% on business down here....

Take these two customers, for example. We probably spent hours discussing high-aspect versus low-aspect kite design, the relative merits of pultruded and extruded graphite sparing, and the tensile strength of chicara and icarex fabric. They are very interested in our latest inflatable designs, and although they didn't actually buy anything, I'm sure they will soon!

Two Customers

Cops and Kites

Don't you want to hear about the festival down here??

This is the sixth time Little Acorns has organized a big kite event on South Beach. The premise of the program is to get "kids, cops, and kites" together and promote a positive anti-drug message.

So please don't think of all those women on the beach as anything other than undercover policemen.

The number of international guests was a bit lower this year because of budget constraints. But you could hardly tell unless you were keeping very close track. We had a bunch of really big kites in the air and a fine show going on in gusty winds all three days.

Of course it was very hard work so please don't think I was just sitting around in the sun and working on my tan.

Well yes, I did get a nice tan. But I really wasn't having fun no matter how much it might have looked otherwise.

And Susie... that stunning blond flying my Snoopy kite all weekend ... she used to work with Pete Dolphin.


Flying Field

Flying Field

Another Customer

This customer was quite interested to learn the aerodynamic principles of dihedral and how a curved frontal surface affects balance.

Here, this will make you feel better. Friday was kids day. You know how much I like kids days!

Thousands of them came out to the beach with kites made from the local newspaper for a competition. All of us "kitemasters" spent the day moving the bridles around to the front and adding bows to the diamonds.

It really was a fine festival.

So here is the reason I'm staying on. On Sunday, I'm approached by a nice woman, fully clothed, who wants me to provide kites for a scene in a Disney film being shot on Tuesday. Yes, I know I was supposed to come home Monday. And yes I know that we leave again for Galveston on Friday. But how can I disappoint Mickey??

The movie is called Winterdance and stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg - Gomberg - Gooding -- sounds like a Jewish lawfirm, doesn't it! Anyway, there were lots of other young women in the film too, but I can't remember their names.

I also arranged for Frank And Barbara Seidita and Luis Mugnani to join me so it looked like we had our own kite department.

So at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, we headed out to the beach to set up kites in the dark. Already, the place was crowded with trucks and gear, and trailers, and a nice breakfast buffet for the crew. And I was "crew"!!

We put up four big Peter Lynn pieces and then waited for lunch. No one had any kite questions for us before lunch. So at noon we went to the air-conditioned crew tent for a great meal.

After lunch they turned the cameras around to film the scene with all our kites in the background and that was pretty cool. I watched the whole thing in a monitor while Frank and Barbara and Luis did all the work.

Kite Show

Movie Set

Actors with Director

So see -- I really was working!! Its promotion!! Yeah -- that's what it is!! And promotion is very hard work...

Winterdance is scheduled for release in January. Sure hope they keep the scenes with kites in it cause like I said, Frank and Barbara and Luis worked very hard out there!

Another Customer

And about that young woman??

Her name is Lisa and she is a part-time actress who works in a law firm.... and other than that I hardly remember anything about her.....

I need help taking Susie's mind off this Miami thing.

If I take $100 off the price of all the Logo Kites I have in stock.... will some of you buy them?? A quick influx of cash before the visa bill arrives at the Gomberg house will be a big help!

Call or email us for colors on the 7 and 12 foot extended wing Codys or that 8 foot Sauls.

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