May 22
Grand Haven was Grand!

I'm in a beach house for the weekend with nine people and a rottweiller. There is only one bathroom and the dog keeps looking at me unhappily.

The phone jack in the house is dead and my cell phone is showing "no service". Email is piling up unanswered. I'm cut off from the outside world.

The winds shift three times each morning and we have to dig new anchors every time. I'm carrying bags around, shoveling sand, and wondering why my back is aching.

And you know what?? I'm having a ball!!

Great Lakes Sky

Welcome to the Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven. I've "communed" with old friends and met new ones. I've had two perfect afternoons of flying. We are eating and drinking and laughing the nights away. And Sunday morning at about five, the bed broke which gave my housemates plenty to talk about at breakfast...

Our Goal was to fly big kites. Susie and I brought five bags full of them and Al Sparling added two more. On Saturday, we had six giants in the air. And the best news is that Mackinaw Kites provided three "volunteers" to carry our bags off the field at the end of the day.

Everything was held in place with sand anchors. We weren't confident enough to leave the show unattended, but the anchors held fine all day long. We'll be testing the same system at Wildwood next week.

Gomberg Holds the Line

This is the kind of photo that demands a creative comment. It was taken in Weymouth a week ago.

Send me a good caption and we'll publish it here in the Update in two weeks.

We've introduced a new product in Michigan. It is the Tri-Pillow. The design is a variation of our larger Pillow Tube but smaller in size and in price. It is designed to match the success of our popular Spikey Ball Tubes. Each section is triangular and the full piece is perfect for line laundry, a drogue, or a pole display.

The standard price is $50 but through the end of May, you can order them for 20% less -- that's $40 in your choice of colors.

Tri Pillows

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