June 4
Peter Lynn Minis!

Mini Octopus Mini Ray Mini Trilobite

We now have all three of the most popular Peter Lynn kites available.

These are designed by Peter Lynn and licensed to GKPI for production. That means that we carry a larger inventory for immediate shipment, and that custom colors can me made in just a few weeks.

Mini Trilobite

Trilobite: People ask what it is. Tell them it is a dragon, or a big bug -- or tell them the truth -- a prehistoric crab that has been brought back to fill the sky!

The "Bite" is easy to launch and a pleasure to fly. It features a black head and five other colors. The "warm" version goes from red to orange and yellow, while the "cool" version starts with purples and works through the blues and greens. It comes complete with a single matching bucket tail.

The original Trilobite mini had only two colors and a set of drogues, so the full six-band design and tail are a big improvement. They are more than twenty feet long. And here is the other part of the great news. The original Trilobite mini sold for $700. These are just $450.

Mini Ray

Ray: The Mini Manta is another huge crowd pleaser.

It features a four contrasting colors and large eyes that peer over and down at you when you fly. The Ray comes complete with a single matching bucket tail that generates an overall length of 24 feet.

Originally priced at $550, the GKPI Mini Ray is available now for just $400.

Mini Octopus

Octopus: Take your Octopus for a fly! Inflatable Octopi are Peter Lynn's long-term best selling single-line kites.

We start with a base color and then add contrasting accents for the trim, suckers, and eyes. The suckers on the long tentacles are extended for more drag and increased stability.

We also provide a detachable drogue.

They are remarkably stable in five to twenty m.p.h. of wind and remain manageable and easy to fly. The Octopus measures 20 feet in length and always generate smiles. Choose your color for just $400.

Order any of these three before June 15 and we have a special deal for you -- We'll take 15% off for AKA members, and if you aren't a member, we'll give you a free membership ($30 value).

Our big Gecko is proving to be the biggest attention getter at the last three festivals where we have flown him. Pilot kites are making the difference.

Check out this short video of "Big Blue" and watch how he climbs throught he sky.

Oh -- and before you leave, go to the Grand Haven Update and send us a caption for the photo you find there. We'll publish results next week.

Gecko and Lifter

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