June 11
Another Peter Lynn Surprise!

That wacky guy in New Zealand keeps coming up with huge inflatable shapes that shouldn't fly... but they do! In fact, they fly GREAT!

Peter Lynn Kitty

This is the prototype "Kitty Cat" that was introduced in Cervia Italy last month.

It is 40 feet tall and is guaranteed to scare the heck out of any mouse in the neighborhood. Peter says he sold this one in less than an hour and is anxious to make more.

We can get the big one for $4200 or the half size twenty-footer for $1750. There are no others in North America right now and only one on the planet.

The picture shows a pilot kite being used for stability and light-wind flying, but they are not necessary for basic flight. And in case you wondered, yes, one of the paws is twisted.

Custom colors are available but we don't recommend the pink or neon-green. After all, who could imagine a forty-foot tall pink cat...

So.... two weeks ago I posted a picture from Weymouth and invited all of you to submit captions. I should have known better...

Here are the top ten entries:

Gomberg Holds the Line

  • Just before the latest Rolling Blackout in California
  • Oh?? *Another* piercing??
  • I have my Kite...Line...Gloves...Whistle... Now, where is that Rokkaku battle????????
  • David likes to fly kites off his deck...
  • Hook, line and sinker
  • Oh goody! Here comes the cookie girl!
  • Men In Black acquire new member. Scum of the Universe profess to be unimpressed...
  • Target locked on, prepare to fire...
  • It ain't the size of the spool -- it's how well you handle your line...
  • And the Number One Entry: If you want to play ring-toss, you need to give us a bigger target...

Later this week I head to Quebec to fly at St-Honoré. They asked me to be at the airport in Montreal by 10 a.m. Thursday, so I'm taking the "red-eye", spending four hours in Vancouver, BC, and then flying all night for a 7 a.m. arrival. It was the only way to get there on time. But I just found out that the other guest will arrive at noon. That means a five hour wait by the luggage carousel. Hmph! Guess I'll be caught up on my email by lunchtime Thursday.

But still, we're gonna have fun! Check back in a week for details and photos!!

The summer festivals are coming where you suffer from light winds and stake out huge ground displays. Why not try some of our best line art on a pole??

Tri-Pillows and Spikey Balls look great in a static display. Just hang them out on one of our RingMaster Poles. The smaller Pillows are $50 each and Spikey Tubes $75. But through June 18th, we'll take 20% off when you buy a banner pole too. Poles are normally $29.99 but for this special promotion, we're taking 15% off and selling them for $25.00.

Tri Pillows Spikey Balls

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