June 19
Oh Canada!

I'm just back from St. Honoré. That's somewhere in Quebec. I'm not sure exactly where, but the people were very nice and some of them spoke English too!

OK -- I'll admit it. I didn't do my best this last weekend. Maybe it was the all night flight to get to Montreal. As requested, I arrived at 7 a.m. Then there was the eight hour ride in the back of the van over bumpy Canadian roads. There were sixteen of us sharing a country house with one shower. It was hot. And the mosquitoes were hungry and big. We returned to Montreal at 1 am on Sunday night and were scheduled to be taken to the airport at 5.

 St. Honoré

But on the other hand, there were old friends and lots of new ones. There was a huge flying field and clean winds. There was plenty of Canadian beer. And my kites made the front of the local paper, which really aggravated my buddy, Pete Dolphin...




So did you notice anything new in that field photo??

It's my old Peter Lynn Slug that I dragged out for the first time is several years. The new Pilot Kite technology makes a major difference in stabilizing larger inflatables and the Slug just drifted back and fourth over the field all day.

A little bit ugly, isn't he?

I call the kite "Jagger". Bet you can guess why too. The huge lips push out as the bag inflates with wind.

Jagger has hundreds of hours of flying time on him and has been repaired and re-repaired. He's a fine example how much abuse a large inflatable can take and still remain colorful and functional. Some people actually told me they thought it was the best looking kite at the event.

Of course, they were speaking to me in French so I might have misunderstood...

At one point Sunday, a summer shower hit and there were still big kites strewn all over the field. I was faced with the prospect of packing wet ripstop away and paying hefty overweight fees to the airlines to carry all that water home. As luck would have it, my new "Scramble Bags" arrived in Oregon the day *after* I left for Quebec.

Our "Scrambles" are a huge 60 by 42 inches and designed to stuff loose foils or a big Peter Lynn away fast. We sell them for $25. If you are lucky, you'll never need one. But when you need one, you'll find it money well spent.

Scramble Bags

I have a full ten days at home before I drive up to Long Beach for the Northwest Sport Kite Championships. It will be nice to go to an event in a car. And by then, most of the itching from those mosquito bites should be finished. Should be...

See you out there somewhere!

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