Chen Zhao Ji
June 26
The Amazing Kites of
Mr. Chen!

I'm going to show you some amazing kites today. Really amazing. I don't expect anyone will actually buy them and that's just fine. Sometimes it is fun to look. Think of this like a museum with price-tags.

Chen Zhao Ji is clearly one of the premier kite designers of our generation. Originally from Weifang City in China, he now resides in Xian. His contemporary mechanical kites combine a complete mastery of bamboo design and silk painting. The larger models with hand-crafted fans and bamboo gears create moving pieces of art when they fly.

We have known Chen for ten years and recently helped arrange his first visit outside of China to the USA. GKPI is honored to present a few examples of these exquisite kites. Only one of each is available.

Crane Kite Crane Kite

Crane: This incredible piece is about 11 feet wide. Long delicate legs dangle below the hand-painted silk body. In the center of the torso is a fan that engages hand-made gears and levers so that the head turns repeatedly from left to right. The beak opens and closes with each mesmerizing rotation. The action is absolutely amazing. Price: $4,000.

For more details and specifications on the Crane, click here

Mantis Kite  Mantis Kite  Mantis Kite

Praying Mantis: Bright colors dominate this artwork so that the green and pink wings take on a gossamer quality. The kite spans about five feet. Intricate mechanics allow the head and arms to move in the slightest breeze. Price: $2500.

For more details and specifications on the Mantis, click here

Cicada Kite  Cicada Kite

Cicada: If only you could display this piece with both sides revealed. A labyrinth of brilliant engineering allows the wings to open and close. The soft hues stretch five feet from wingtip to wingtip. And again, all mechanics are carved by hand. A truly awesome kite. Price: $2500.

For more details and specifications on the Cicada, click here

Crab Kite  Cicada Kite

Crab: The movement is delightful as the pinchers open and close, the claws move back-and-fourth and even the extended eyes gyrate. The flying crab exudes a subtle humor in flight or on display. We offer a short video taken at Kites on Ice. Price $2500.

For more details and specifications on the Crab, click here

Giant Striped Parachutes:

Giant Parachute
Click here for a short video clip
of the Giant Striped Parachute.

People keep asking about used equipment. Here's your chance.

We have two of our Giant Striped Parachutes . They are nearly 20 feet in diameter and come in a rainbow pattern with striped accents. This is a big, bold, exciting piece that normally sells for $550 each.

We have two in our Show Stock that we haven't had room to take out lately. Will you fly one for us?? They are like new -- except for a little sand -- and we'll reduce the price to $400 each.

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