Caterpillar Mouth
July 2
Sport Kite Championships

You'll probably find this report dull. No disasters, no long air flights, and no new kites. I just spent the day with good friends flying whatever fit in the back of my car. For once I felt like a regular kite flier!

I've been attending the Northwest Sport Kite Championships in Long Beach for a good ten years now. Usually I pass the days with a clipboard, judging competitions. But the single-line show on the opposite side of the parking area has been growing recently and this time, I decided to join them.

Thrall Banners


Spiky Balls Mouth

The drive to the Washington Border took me about three hours. I left Susie at home to enjoy a quiet Saturday and headed north early in the morning.

It was a perfect flying day -- not too hot and not too cold -- with smooth steady winds all day long. Within moments of arriving, I was ready to launch the big Gecko and then go say hello to everyone. The only problem was that in my haste to pack the car, I'd forgotten all my anchors! So I got to say hello first -- and sheepishly asked Rod and Cindy Thrall, Andy Tauber, Mike Claassen, and Bob Serack if I could borrow a few sand anchors and stakes....

I suspect that Mike and Andy were also up early. Either that or it was just too comfortable a day to not enjoy a good kite-nap.

We flew large Crowns, the Big Blue Teddy Bear, the Gecko and the Caterpillar through the day and even dragged out a few Spiky balls mid afternoon.

Sport kite events, coordinated by the Northwest Sport Kite League, ran smoothly and quickly. At days end, we packed down and headed into town for dinner. Then we finished up with a flier's dessert.

I headed for home at 9:30 and for three hours, couldn't find a single good song on the radio. I arrived in neotsu weary but well and Susie even left a light on for me. And while everyone else enjoyed another fine flying day on Sunday, I got to work in the garden.

We have next weekend off and then head for Newport, Rhode Island on the 12th. See you there!!

Cody Extreme!

 Cody Extreme

From now until we leave for Newport on the 12th, we're marking down our already low-priced Codys.

You're already familiar with the whimsical kites of Samuel Franklin Cody who used them at the turn of the last century for man-lifting, and military observation. Here is a big seven foot model in a straight-forward economical design. Fortunately it comes in a great color combination -- red, black and white. It isn't as fancy as our German imports but at $120, you can't complain. And for the next ten days, we'll take another 20% off that price and ship them to you for just $96.

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