July 11
Susie on Martha!


Mom is a big Martha Stewart fan so she was really proud this week to see Susie and I on the "Living" show explaining how to fly a kite.

The footage was actually taken two years ago in Newport. But the original airing was pre-empted by the JFK Jr. funereal and hardly seen anywhere. So this was the first time most people ever saw the show.

I know, I know, not everyone is a huge Martha fan. But the program really was well done and reached a great new audience. And besides, pleasing your mother is a good thing...

The rest of the week was fairly quiet and for a change, we spent the weekend at home. Quiet yes, but busy too! We got two shipments from our factory and have been scrambling to get things packaged. labeled and shipped out again. Then yesterday, the overseas express delivery truck arrived at 7:30 am with three boxes from New Zealand.

Peter Lynn kites are always fun to open. DHL charges a flat rate for whatever you can put into one of their "jumbo cartons". So Peter puts in 35 pounds of fabric using a 20 ton hydraulic press! When you cut the straps to open the box, the kite begins to "ooze" out like bread dough rising.

Usually we send them right on to customers and let them enjoy the sensation. But this time, a single crunch bag was in the bottom of the shipment and we needed to get it out. You should have seen the kite when we peeled the box away. It looked like a brick of fabric....

We're off in the morning, flying to Rhode Island for a return performance at Newport. (This year, we don't expect Martha.) The following week, we're in Brookings Oregon and then on to Berkeley the week after that. It's a charmed life!

Hope to see you out there somewhere!

Gosh -- what to put on sale this week??

I have two of Frank Schwiemann's Ghost Deltas on the shelf. One is red and the other yellow. The normal price, as you know, is $400. But how about we nock them down to $350 for the next week and see if anyone wants to give them a new home.

Check the Factory Outlet for some other good deals.

Ghost Deltas

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