July 18
Newport - Unscathed!!

Kids play in the Shadows!

Regular readers will remember the tragedy of Rhode Island last July. My foot (and my pride) were injured while trying to recover a rokkaku after the annual battle and I limped through physical therapy for weeks.

Well I'm pleased to report that Newport was grand this year -- and injury free. We had two perfect days in one of the country's best event locations, flying with good friends from up and down the eastern seaboard.

Newport has just about everything -- spectacular vistas, sport kite competition, kitemaking contests, fighters and roks, indoor flying, and plenty of wide open performance space. There isn't as much room as Wildwood or Long Beach, but the grassy fields are a pleasant change, and the crowds that come by are polite and appreciative.

Special guests this year included Martin Lester, and Scott and Sherrie Skinner. But the real center of attention were the local fliers and competitors. Our hosts, the High Flyer Flight Company have long been promoting custom colors in GKPI line art, and the skies were filled with familiar designs. One fine example was a 22 foot wide Raptor Delta with two matching 100 foot Snake Tails.

Raptor and Snake Tails Row

We topped off the weekend with a fresh lobster banquet and auction, and took time to tour some of the local mansions and sail the harbor. Monday we headed for the airport and settled in for the flight home, pleasantly upgraded to first class.

Banner Row

Unfortunately, as the plane backed away from the terminal, they discovered a nail in one tire and called us back for a 90 minute delay. That was enough to scratch our connections and we spent an unplanned night in Chicago. Our Monday return turned into Tuesday and we've been scrambling ever since!

Imagine -- delayed by a flat tire!

Our next stop is Brookings, on the Southern Oregon Coast, and then Berkeley the following weekend. Hope you see you along the way!

We've been nagging Martin Lester for months to get us more of his inflatable legs and top halves. Because of European commitments, he has been unable to deliver any kites to the States since February.

Our persistence paid off and we now have the only Lester Legs available in the USA. There are only five pair, but Update readers get first shot at them. In spite of the scarcity, the price remains at $180.

Lester Legs

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