July 27
Special Announcement!!

I'm on my way to Berkeley in the morning and plan to have a full Update for you next week. But we have some news that won't wait until then. We have the opportunity to offer the original Peter Lynn Squid prototype at a substantial savings.

Original Squid

The first Squid was about 1/3 larger than the standard 90 foot model we make now. It was originally crafted for Jack Rogers. Jack flies lots of big kites, but he says this model is the best and most stable flier Peter makes. The size is *enormous*. In many ways, it is like a Trilobite and an Octopus connected together. The overall impact dwarfs even the Gecko with is now Peter's *second* largest kite.

The color is a bright green with accents in blue, aqua and red. On an overcast day, the Monster Squid begins to glow and with light-wind handling and steady performance, it is the ultimate night-fly showpiece. It is in perfect condition and only flown four times.

An oversized one-of-a-kind prototype like this would normally sell for about $5500. GKPI is offering it for $3500. It isn't the right kite for everyone. But it might be the perfect kite for you.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Updates...

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