August 1
Berkeley Festival

What a fantastic weekend!

This was the 16th Annual Berkeley Kite Festival and about the 14th that I've been to. Although the number of fliers was down a bit, spectator attendance and the sheer volume of the show was definitely up.


Al Sparling!

Al Sparling, Dan Whitney, and GKPI were placed in the center arena and filled the sky with huge inflatables. At one point, we had four Octopus and a Giant Squid in the air. Then we just laid back on our soft kite bags and watched the fabric dance in the wind above us.

Across the field, the Thrall family entertained the crowd with their Giant Teddy Bear. Mike North and Joe Tait launched their own Trilobite and Octopus from the hillside. And traffic on Interstate 80 slowed as drivers gawked at the incredible scene.

Of course, there was plenty more going on in Berkeley besides the big kites. There was the sport kite competition, fighter kites and rokkakus, kitemaking for kids, mass ascensions, and plenty of open fun flying.

We finished off the weekend with a floating award banquet and harbor cruise. The nice thing about a banquet on a boat is that no one leaves during my speeches. The following morning, we climbed into the van for the 12 hour drive back to Oregon. Next weekend, we'll be flying close to home with a Fun Fly at Manzanita Beach.

Stratoscoops from Greens in England are the original power lifters. This classic design inflates through vented "scoops" in the face of the kite and maintains inflation better once airborne. They generate roughly 1/3 lift per square foot then comparable foils.


GKPI has acquired a limited number of Strat 3's and 4's. As far as we know, these are the only new Stratoscoops available commercially in the USA. The Strat 3 is 70" x 59" (28.5 sq ft) and sells for $225. The Strat 4 is 106" x 88" (65 sq ft) and sells for $300. We have red/white/blue or black/red/gold colors.

Call before August 15, and mention the Update and we'll take another 10% off the price.

This just in from Peter Lynn: We are testing a smaller version of the big single line Cat with a more kittenish body style. It has legs that are restrained by bridles to give the form of a walking/pouncing kitten. It is excellent, or at least I thought so until an enthusiastic spectator declaimed "Wow I like your cow".

I HATE it when this happens.

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