August 6
Fun Fly in Manzanita

A free weekend with no kite festivals scheduled?? What a perfect time to go to Manzanita for a Fun Fly!

Giant Spikey Balls!

Manzanita Oregon is about an hour and a half north along the rugged coast. Peter Loop invited us to drive up for the day and join some of the local fliers. We jumped at the chance! It is a picturesque community well off the highway with a wide sandy beach.

In the distance, headlands juts out into the Pacific and we wondered what the cars up there on Highway 101 must have thought looking down on us.

The big attraction for the show, no question, was Rod and Cindy Thrall and their big blue bear.

The Thralls have been flying up and down the west coast all season and even made an appearance in Chicago. They put on a banner show, fly our big Crowns, and have some great Appliquéd Airforms.

The bear is a relatively new Peter Lynn design and still the only giant one in the USA. He is a remarkably steady flier.

In Berkeley this year, Rod tried using a seven foot rok as a Pilot to stabilize flight in the gusty Bay Area Winds. The results made Rod a believer. A week earlier in Brooksings, we had used the same rok to give the bear just enough "oomph" to get up in light winds.

You can expect to see the bear a lot more at WSIKF in two weeks.

Rod and Cindy Thrall

Blue Bear

Susie and I plan to pull into Long Beach on Thursday morning. We'll be carrying a full contingent of Lynn Kites. The exciting news is that Peter will be there himself, so you can look forward to quite a show!

See you there!

This is Cody -- one of our friendly Samoyeds.

He insists on being walked several times a day, eats too much, and climbs on the couch when we aren't home.

He is not for sale.


This is another Cody -- a special red/white/blue Cody 50 with extended wings and a top sail.

You don't have to feed him, and he won't climb on the couch. But he will still beg you to take him outside...

And yes, he is for sale. ...

Extended Wing Cody

Our imported Cody 50 normally sells for $700. It has an 11 foot wingspan and all the benefits of German Engineering that make BMWs so desirable. I've never seen a bee-mer on sale, but of you want this special kite, I'll take $100 off and sell it for $600 between now and August 20.

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