August 13
Poppa's Got a Brand New Bag!

Organize your kite life! No matter what you've got, we have the bags to put it in.

Stuff Sacks: Use them for kites, cram them full of laundry, or store your line in them for easy transport and access -- our stuff sacks are simple and indispensable

We've got two sizes -- small and large.

The smaller bags (about 19 by 13 inches) are $5 each or three for $12. And the large size (about 29 by 19 inches) are $7 each. They include a drawstring, plastic toggle-lock, and a carry strap.

Stuff Sacks

We also have longer bags, (about 49 by 5 inches) which are great for poles, spars, or longer kites. They are $6 each or three for $15.

Gear Bags: Here's something new!

We use Gear Bags for all our line, anchors, stakes, repair kit, gloves, and the whistle we use to drive kids away. They will also hold a mid-sized Peter Lynn or a batch of laundry. In a pinch, you can even put clothing in them!

Gear bags are $25. They are about 27 inches long and have a huge inner cavity and four outside pockets. When we travel, we stuff them inside our Wonder Bags.

Gear Bags

Giant "Scramble" Bags: You look over your shoulder and suddenly realize that a rain storm is bearing down on you and there are still big kites strewn over the field. You need to scramble! And to do that, you need a scramble bag!!

Our "Scrambles" are a huge 60 by 42 inches and designed to stuff loose foils or a big Peter Lynn away fast. We sell them for $25. If you are lucky, you'll never need one. But when you need one, you'll find it money well spent.

Scramble Bags

Compression Stuff Bags: Fill it full of fabric and then cinch it down to maximize valuable packing space. Our 11 by 22 inch Compression Bags are just the right size for a 252 Flowform or a Peter Lynn Mid Size. They will also hold a lot of laundry or even a sleeping bag.

This is a top-stuffing bag with a zippered closure. Side straps pull the top and bottom together for maximum compression. They come in black with red accents -- what a surprise! Your cost is $35 which may seem like a lot until you check what REI or Camping Depot is charging.

 Compression Stuff Bags

Wonder Bags: Our big duffels are big enough to hold just about anything!

These big kite duffels are a huge 40 inches long. They hold a full-size Peter Lynn giant, a disassembled buggy, or enough assorted kites, laundry, and line that you easily go over the airline weight restrictions. And now we see that they will even hold your wife!

A mere $25 will get you the biggest kite bag on the market. (Wife not included.)

Wonder Bag

Warning: Do not attempt this with your own wife. This example is provided for demonstration purposes only and may result in unintended consequences if not practiced under controlled circumstances.

Compression or "Crunch" Bags: If you are traveling or pressed for storage space, Crunch Bags are the answer. They stand about seven feet tall but have three compression lines that allow you to squeeze down to about three feet.

Designed and manufactured by Peter Lynn, the Crunch Bags will hold two large Octopus or a whole bunch of soft kites, line and laundry. They are a bit more spendy -- $125 each. But they are the bag-of-choice for traveling fliers.

Crunch Bags

No flying this week -- I was in Arizona on business. Besides, those big cactus were cool, but very difficult to anchor a big kite to...

Long Beach starts in just ten days. See all of you there! In the meanwhile, Susie has plans for a few "minor" projects around the house. I start by replacing all the boards on the deck...

Arizona Desert

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