August 20
Send In The Clones...

I wasn't at the Spring Break Buggy Blast. Honest. And I've never quite gotten around to traction kiting because my kite bags are big enough already. Besides, I figure I'd have a tough time getting started in soft sand.

So imagine my surprise when I logged onto and found this photo.

Who *is* this guy??

I mean, it is obvious that he is brutally handsome. He knows his way around kites. And I love the dimples. Yes, the forehead is a bit high, but then I remember reading somewhere that all men are born with the same number of hormones and that some use them growing hair.

Gomberg Facsimile

You think I'm making this up?? I never fabricate stories. The test of a charmed life is not having to make things up. Check the SBBB web site and see the photos of Friday at this year's event.

Meanwhile, the first person to tell me the identity of this "Gomberg Facsimile" gets a 10% discount on anything we make.

Anyway, we're off to Long Beach in a few days. Peter Lynn will be there too. And rumor has it that he will be bringing a new design along for its maiden flight. Keep your eyes open for the giant Penguin! We'll plan to have photos next week.

See you up there!

This week's special is a set of our big Snake Tails. These are tubes that stretch 100 feet long and are about 15 inches in diameter. The sale set have blue ends.

The normal price is $199 each. But on this blue set, we'll lower that to $450 for all three. The deal is good until the end of the month or until the set sells - whichever comes first.

Snake Tails

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