August 29
Long Beach 2001

We waited until Thursday to drive up to Long Beach. Seems we got our timing right too. It was raining like stink right up until the hour we arrived. Wish we could take credit for the way things changed, but suffice it to say that the overcast blew away, the sun came out, and we had three perfect days of kite flying.

Long Beach Skyline

One of the special guests this year was Peter Lynn.

Peter and I have been crossing paths for the past few months but not flying together since he lost the Mega Ray in Berck. It was a good chance to share ideas and new designs. I introduced him to our sand anchors and he showed us his new method for stacking the big inflatables. Imagine the impact of putting three giant kites on one anchor point in an already compact field!

Big Bears Train of Giants New Penguin

Among the treats Peter pulled from his bag was the new Giant Penguin. We liked him so much we decided to keep him and look forward to a cool flight at Kites On Ice in February (unless someone buys him first).

We also received the prototype of the smaller ten foot Teddy Bears and expect to have them in production and available at a lower price by the AKA convention in October. This is the latest "mini" licensed exclusively to GKPI by Lynn Ltd.

The big hit of the show, however, was Peter's new "Kitty Cat". In fact, the Cat from Down Under was voted People's Choice in the week-long public balloting.

From the moment he pulled this mid-sized model out of the bag, fliers were purring over it. Rather than standing straight up like the bear or penguin, the cat flies with her paws extended and her long tail swaying so she looks like she is in mid-pounce. Most of the time we flew her with a small penguin in the bridles just to heighten the drama.

We are now being asked if we can custom make cats to match the real ones you have at home. And the short answer is that we can try. Send us a photo and we'll get you a quote. But remember, blurred lines and earth-tones are going to be difficult.

We've asked for some Kittys by October. If you want one, sign up now!

Kitty Launch

Kitty Lunch

With Peter, Jos and Kaatje Valcke, Rod Thrall, Andy Tauber, and the Gombergs out there, we had quite a sky full by Friday.

Long Beach Sky Pilot Lessons Pilot Lessons Launch

But the real joy of WSIKF (the Washington State International Kite Festival) is all the good folks -- old friends and new ones - that come out to join the fun and add to the show.

Long Beach remains the largest of festivals in North America and a showcase for regional and national talent. And it is good fun too! Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, city crew, and everyone else that worked so hard to add to our enjoyment.

Next weekend, Susie and I are off on a trip to San Francisco and Sacramento. We plan to attend my High School Reunion and enjoy some personal time on our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

Of course, there *is* a kite events down there over the weekend.....

Hello from WSIKF

Peter came by the house after WSIKF. We had so much fun (and drank so much wine) that we are marking down any of the minis we make for him.

Take $50 off the price of a small Octopus, Trilobite, or Manta Ray between now and August 31. You can check them all out on our Peter Lynn Mini Page.

Peter Lynn Minis

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