September 4
Surprises for the Weekend

Our weekend trip to California was full of surprises.

We had planned to drop in on Tom McAlister at his mobile store at the Berkeley Marina on Saturday. But he was sick in bed and never came to the park. That was Surprise #1. On Sunday, we had planned to drive over the Golden Gate Challenge and surprise everyone there. But we called for directions first and found out it had been a one-day event and ended Saturday. That was Surprise #2. And then we hoped to go over to the Embarkadaro and say hello to Miles Ford who came over from his shop in Scotland and bought the well-known store on Pier 39. But traffic and parking on the holiday weekend was so thick that we called to make sure he was there. Surprise #3 -- he had taken the day off to spend with his girlfriend. Oh well.

We didn't get too much kite business related done, but still had a wonderful weekend holiday ourselves.

One of the emails that came in over the weekend was from Martin Blais . Martin sent us photos of his newest creation.

This is a really unique bol -- made with 3/4 oz nylon Bainbridge. It is twenty feet in diameter.

What makes this new creation really unusual are the five 3D whales that decorate the perimeter. They are each six feet long and stand out along the trailing edge of the seascape design.

Martin has also added a nice Petzl swivel bearing worth $70.

The whale can also be replaced by a six foot dolphin. Or maybe we could get him to use sharks and you could fly it in Florida. Nawww....

This new bol is now available from GKPI for $1600.

See? Even when we are on vacation, we are hard at work to offer the newest and most unusual designs....

Whale Bol

Whale Bol

You may already be familiar with Martin's work from our KiteMaster's Guild.

Martin has perfected the technique of applying paint to ripstop fabric for long term durability using his own "secret" paint formula. His oldest painted Rokkaku is still being tested for wear after eight years of rugged flying. Your design should never fade, crack, or diminish with use.

Here's three roks we currently have in stock at $300 each. Martin mostly paints classic Japanese traditional images, but can duplicate other illustrations or pictures on request. A family portrait? Corporate logo? Your dog in the sky??

Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok Martin Blais Rok

Trust me when I tell you that these images are as bold and dramatic as any painted in Japan. The artistry is stunning and the craftsmanship is excellent. But these roks are *better* then the Japanese ones in one important aspect. They aren't made of paper.

We have also just received a shipment of Ghost Deltas from Frank Schwiemann in Germany. This time we have a group of all-white ones.

These are the big 11 foot deltas with the 22 foot flowing tails made from the special fabric that no one can find over here.

Ghosts are still $400 but as dramatic as anything in the sky.

White Ghost Deltas

A Weekly Special?? How about we extend the mark-down on any of the Peter Lynn minis we make.

Take $50 off the price of a small Octopus, Trilobite, or Manta Ray between now and September 10. You can check them all out on our Peter Lynn Mini Page.

Peter Lynn Minis

On Tuesday the 11th, Susie and I are off for 14 days in Europe. We'll be flying in Marseilles and Barcelona. We return on the 24th and then fly out again on the 28th for a kite show in Chicago. From there we go straight to the AKA convention in Billings. It is gonna be a crazy month!

We'll be checking emails daily and phone messages every two days. But we won't be shipping much while we are gone. So if you need something, please call us now!

See you in Billings!

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