September 9
New Kites from Germany

We just received a big package from Logo Kites in Hamburg. Check out the new Sode they sent us!

This kite is a big 10 feet tall by eight feet wide.

It is fully framed in carbon and breaks down to a manageable 5 foot package. Assembly takes just a few quick minutes. The quilted sail pattern is fully stitched in Bainbridge sailcloth. The design is available in primary colors with black and white accents.

Like all of Logos kites, the craftsmanship is exceptional.

We'll be traveling to Germany in October and make arrangements to pick up more Sodes. Email us now and request a November delivery. The standard price will be $400 but for this special promotion, we will take $75 off.

Sode Dako

Susie and I are nearly packed for our Tuesday departure. We'll be flying in Marseilles this week, and then in Barcelona the weekend of September 22-23.

We'll be checking emails daily and phone messages every two days. But we won't be shipping much while we are gone. So if you need something, please call us now!

We return home briefly on the 24th and then fly out again on the 28th to do a weekend show in Chicago. From there, we go direct to Billings and the AKA convention. Our other commitments in October include Seal Beach in Southern California on October 13, and Lunen Germany on the 18th and 19th. We also hope to get to Atlantic Beach in North Carolina at the end of the month.

Crazy isn't it....

See you out there somewhere! And if you want one of these great Sodes, email and reserve one now.

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