October 16
Everything But the Kitchen Sink

We took five big bags to Seal Beach and flew it all!

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Three days after returning from the Nationals, Susie and I flew off to Los Angeles. This was Seal Beach's 5th Annual festival. Up, Up and Away Kites, Air Affair, and The Japan America Society are great hosts. Last year, they invited us down to add a bit of "background" and we had so much fun we were determined to come back -- even if that meant lugging 250 pounds of gear through "heightened security"...

Saturday morning, the coastal fog socked us in. We nudged kites into the air But you couldn't see them from 100 yards away. That was part of the fun. As surfer-dudes stepped over the field boundaries and began to carry boards toward the beach, suddenly they would become aware of a giant gecko looming over them.

Banner Show Geckos in the Mist Sun Breaks Through

Later the haze burned off and the real show began.

Penguin Launch Two Kites Trilobite Launch

Featured guests this year included the Bay Area Sundowners, Mikio Toki, and J.R. Tolman doing kitemaking workshops for kids. And the Southern California Sport Kite League hosted their first annual competition one field over.

JR Tolman Sundowners Local Organizers Toki San

It was a wonderful weekend full of good friends, good food, and plenty of Coronas. It was good to spend some quality time with Jim Crane and to meet David Chi. And to all the other folks that helped drag bags, dig anchors, loft kites and chase kids, we know we didn't thank you nearly enough!

Monday we flew home, and today I'm playing catch-up, because guess what happens tomorrow. That's right -- another airport trip. I'm off to Lunen Germany. President Bush says he doesn't want Americans to be afraid to fly, and I'm trying to do my part.

See you out there somewhere!

California Sunset

Season End Sale

The flying season is winding down and we are turning over our flying gear. That means a year-end opportunity to buy a used kite at a discounted price.

Prices are based on the amount of flying time each piece has, and the lifespan we expect is left. We are discounting the Bear 50%, the Octopus, Squid, Gecko, and Ray 20%, and the Caterpillar and Penguin 10%. For more details and regular pricing, check our Peter Lynn Pages

Let us know if you are interested...

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