October 31
A WACKO Time in North Carolina

It was supposed to be cold in Atlantic Beach, but it wasn't. We had warm gusty winds, warm friends, and a warm bed each night at the Triple S "Resort".

Kites Unlimited was the host and orginaizer of this 14th annual festival and it was a grand one.

My pals from Wings Across Carolina Kite and Okra Society anchored one end of the beach.

Jim Martin and his daughter Kathren from Charlotte flew a Mid Sized Ray. Sue and Scott "Grumpy" Gwyn from Harrisburg drew a crowd with their American Flag Banner Group. Jeff Crump drove five hours from Highpoint, flew all day, and then drove five hours home. His Grimsel Blinking Edo was amazing! And Saturday night, Sandra Boward of Charlotte invited us all to her condo for Okra Pizza.

At the opposite end of the field, the Bay Area Sundowners wowed the crowds with four and six member Hyperkite stacks and Revolution ballets.

I flew at the edge of the Carolina dunes each day, and finished up Sunday night with a fine Pig Picking Party.

Of course, the weekend was not without its share of mishaps.

A 12 foot Delta flying a Pillow Tube as laundry snagged the line of the Pilot flying above my Big Bear. The line on the delta snapped and it drifted off toward the surf.

When the Pillows flying 20 feet below the Delta touched the Atlantic, they quickly scooped up enough water to create the drag needed to keep the kite in the air. A small group of us gathered at the edge of the surf to watch the kite hauled out to sea. And on a clear day, you can see a 12 foot Delta for a long, long way...

Finally a fishing boat swung by and grabbed the kite. I hope it was the only thing they caught all day because they never brought it back!

Big kites over the dunes

GKPI/AKA Banner Show

Sundowner Ballet

DG working hard at keeping kites in the sky...

On the trip home, United Airlines informed me that I'd just crossed the 100,000 mile threshold for 2001. That's their highest level of frequent flier. I'm tired. So next week, know where I'm going?? Nowhere....;)

Gimme a call to say hello.

Orca 3-D Banner

Here is something brand new from innovative kite designer Martin Blais.

Martin has just patented a 3-dimensional inflatable banner. We currently have orcas, dolphins, squid, and octopi.

The designs are about 10 feet tall and come complete with a pole for $165. We can make just about any kind of image you want.Click here to see more examples of the 3-D Banners.

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