November 5
Disasters, Mishaps, Wipeouts, Etc...

We've done about a hundred of these weekly updates now. We've shared the thrill of new kites, the excitement of each trip, and even pictures of our dogs. But the reports that get the most response are those featuring real drama.

After reading last week about the cut kite that refused to crash, one of our readers suggested that we invite you to rank the mishaps. And since I'm home tiling the den this week instead of flying kites somewhere warm and sunny, I thought a little contest would be good fun.

I've reviewed several of my most memorable mishaps below. And after that, I've posted a little program where you can vote for your favorite. (Tiling the den isn't listed.)

So rank the disasters and then check back to see how the voting is going. And don't forget to check-out our weekly sales as we get ready for the holidays...

The Great MegaRay Disaster (April, 2001)

What could be worse than 2000 square feet of fabric under seven inches of sand?? Being there with a shovel-- that's what!

Peter left the worlds' largest kite on the beach one night in Berck, and after three days of rain, heavy wind, and blowing sand, we needed twenty volunteers to dig it out. Bummer.

I wasn't flying the kite. Honest.

Mega Ray Disaster
Tragedy in Rhode Island (July 2000)

David Gomberg falls out of a tree in Newport while trying to retrieve his Rokkaku battle kite and nearly breaks his foot. He crawls out of the woods only to face the Wrath of Susan. Ouch!

David limps for six weeks. Everyone is quite entertained.

Rhode Island Tragedy
The Great Trilobite Disaster (March 1999)

Ron snags a church steeple with his Trilobite and the rest is history. I wasn't flying the kite. Honest.

We tried everything to get that kite down. Even the fire department couldn't reach it! When we left town a week later, it was still there.

Stuck Trilobite
Wind Babies (January 2000)

Well, at least we didn't order a thousand of em....

We keep experimenting with new products. Some work better than others. And the friend who bought the Babies Prototypes can be proud of the fact that he has the only ones anyone will ever see...

Wind Babies
A BIG Bag of Water (January 1998)

A Trilobite takes a dive into the Persian Gulf while we're flying in Dubai.

I wasn't flying the kite. Honest.

It took three of use to drag the kite out of the surf. It was wet, sandy, and sticky. And trust me when I tell you that a Trilobite holds a LOT of water.

Dubai Trilobite
Sleeping on the Floor in Chicago (May 2000)

It was a sparkling clear, sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. So why was our flight canceled?? Seems there were tornado warnings in the Midwest, and the plane we wanted to take was one of hundreds that never made it to Chicago. With all the hotels booked, we had to sleep in the airport.

Our friends at the Friendly Skies were most sympathetic. The poor woman was nearly in tears. But without a plane, she said we couldn't fly. United is funny about that...

Chicago Airport
Ok Friends .... time to choose.

(And if you don't see a survey box on the right, then the darned thing isn't working.)

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